Working from home- 5 things I wish I knew earlier!

When you have toddlers and still want to work, but find really hard to be away from them, working from home can seem like the perfect solution. If you have more than two kids, the cost of the great caregiver may be over your expected salary. As you already know, I am the mother of four and enjoy working from home. But here are the basic five things I wish I knew earlier. That way my life would probably be easier and definitely with the less stress!

Working from home is the real job

Yes, when the kids are young, and you are the only (or the primary) person that takes care of them, having “job” means just more additional work for you. And, of course, less sleep. No matter how much money and diplomas or degrees you have, other probably think that you just have a new hobby. That is fine, especially if you find something you truly enjoy. Your brain, your kids, and whole your family would be thankful to you at the end. Not before that. But please, if you are sitting in the kitchen waiting to hear a cry or call from the kids room, do not let that this fact demoralize you. Like any other job, and this needs time.

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You deserve help and support

There are so many stories about the women/mother/wife superpowers that will help you to synchronize all your daily tasks, and if you, for any reason, do not fill it all- that is somehow your fault. Except, it isn’t. At the end of the day, you are just a human being, and the feeling of fatigue is natural. So, do not afraid to find help. Even if you can find straight to finish all, there is no need for that. I know, was there. The body is more than a machine but still need rest. Because your kids are so important, take the greatest care of yourself and your health, please. And again, the help. If you can afford, pay it. If you can’t, ask friends. There needs to be the perfect solution for you, just keep thinking about that.

No need to “invest” much!

At the first moment, you start watching online about your new great idea, you will find a lot of guides, courses, and gurus that can guarantee you success. In fact, all you should do is to pay for their leadership. My advice is not to do that. The internet will help you to learn a lot of things for free. That takes time, and it misses you the most? Follow your own tempo and invest only when you have some previous knowledge.

Stay pretty!

Just because you are working from home and have “small kids” no need to allow yourself to look the way you do not enjoy. Toddlers are learning watching us, and our behavior speaks louder than our words. As you are the basic role model, help them to understand that the true beauty comes from the inside, but that other people will judge us by our looking. Do not skip to do something with your hair and face even if you are getting up at 4 am. Sure, no need for hard makeup, just try to stay as close as you can to your previous appearance and things you enjoy.

Find time for exercises

When it comes to working from home, it mostly means that you are going to work online, mostly sitting. That is not what your body and soul need so give an extra effort to find time for exercises. Depending on your schedule, you may want to work out at home, or at the gym. Moreover, try working out with kids, that is my favorite. Clever trick to spend extra fun time with them, make them tired and work in quite while they are sleeping.

Instead of a conclusion

In case that you think that those tips are not closely linked with the working from home, let me tell you that the studies have shown (and I personally proved it in my own life) that those are the biggest problems. Working from home jobs are equally valued as any other job, even if they do not pay all the bills in the begging. It just needs time. At some point, you will need help. Do not shy to ask for it. Even more, remember that you deserve it. Do not waste money. No one has the magic wand, and you will need time. The tips are welcome, just do not believe everything you hear. Most women that do not travel to job stop taking care of themselves and their look. Soon after, they start to feel dissatisfied with it. And that, my dear, can become a huge problem and to undermine your self-confidence. The same thing is with working out. A healthy relaxation will do miracles to your body and soul. And as  we all know, the happy mom means the happy family.

Enjoy in growing up! If you like the article, feel free to share it with your friends, and hope to see you soon 🙂

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