The Two Biggest Gifts That You Can Give to Your Children

I’m sitting on my terrace with the wonderful view and poison myself with my new freedom. The air smells wonderful at the upcoming autumn and I feel peaceful and placidly. I know, I should feel terrible and broken, but I don’t. In case that you don’t know (and how could you) my life is falling apart- in the middle of the divorce from the violent husband and four little kids  in the new city, new job and weather changing. And that is the huge problem when your kids are asthmatics. But I’m still fine, and can stop thinking how that is actually the great thing.

Oh, I was feeling bad long time before calling the cops and going out from all those things. But then I realized that staying in that marriage was selfish to our kids. Yes, all bad things happened far from their eyes, but it does not make them less ugly. Before or later I would start falling apart, and they deserve all me- alive, productive and happy. Because, as much I think about everything- again and again until I finally did not decide to stop doing it- there are the two best things you can do for your kids:

To be there for them and to be happy

No one should grow up with unhappy mom, broken and desperate. Kids should live with the both parents, but hey, better one whole, than one with the post traumatic syndrome and other knocked down with the senseless daily battles. And so, while they are sleeping, I ‘m writing to you. If you are passing through a divorce, and you feel fine, everything is OK with you! Trust me. Be there, see it!

Kids with the one parent

One of the most common advice I have read is to try to get back to yourself, as close as you can to a person you were before everything. Pantha rei, you can walk in the same water twice. And so, do not try to be as you were, because all those years between make you a different person. That is not the bad thing. What you should do is to do everything to feel fine in your own skin. Be happy, give back the true smile to your face. Not just you, your kids deserve that. You know, laughter than our words speak our acts. Do you believe that they should be happy, careless and with a strong belief in their abilities? Great, demonstrate it. No matter are you mother or father, your old life is in your past and many, many beautiful things are waiting for you all.

So, be with your kids

Not just present with a lot of other thought in your mind. Be with them in reality and try to listen to everything they want to tell you, feel every hug and do your best to keep every single smile at your heart.Be patient and be there. Another thing is to be happy or do your best to become. I do not mean that you should find or have anything out of you to be at peace with yourself. The new car, job or boyfriend (girlfriend) would move the focus, but soon or later, you would have to deal with yourself. 
Wish you all the best and enjoy growing up

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