Toddler and meeting the new people

Toddler can be very shine and hesitate with new people, and embarrassment start develops before the 2nd birthday. 


Do you know that Social Anxiety is fear and worry that starts in interaction with new people? Simply said, a fear of meeting new people. Mostly, toddlers have a worry that other, unknown persons will think badly about them.
Studies have shown that almost 9% of toddlers will develop Social Phobia. Those toddlers will give they best to avoid a situation that includes interactions with new people and unknown places.

Toddlers with Social Anxiety may be very quite or very weepy. If they don’t know to speak jet, they may scream more often in the wish to express their discomfort.

7 easy to follow steps to help your toddler to overgrown her Social Anxiety

1. Start with saying “Hi” to one of your friends that (s)he has met several times before
2. Learn to say “Hi” to unknown kid at the playground
3. Try to say “Hello” to stuff in store
4. Learn to say “Hello” to new adult when the toddler is in caregiver’s hands
5. ” Hi, can we play together?” to new children in the park
6. Play with a group of new kids in the playroom- prefer games that include talk.
7. Visit a new group at the kindergarten

I had already written how the routine is an amusing thing. So, find time to include a phrase – I know you can do it! in your daily routine. The first step is as simple as that.
Very common, the toddlers with Social Phobia have shy and withdrawn parents. Some of them just don’t get enough encouraging from their caregivers.
Ask yourself, are you, as a caregiver a safe base for him? Because you should be. Don’t be afraid to take your child info your arms when (s)he just starts meeting new people.
And the most important of all, remember that social skills are skills which mean that they can be learned!
Enjoy in growing up with us!

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