Synchrony with your toddler! Start today!!

 The nice weather is (finally) arrived and filled parks and playgrounds with children. It seems to me that these days it is impossible to look around and see nothing else but families with young children. Hm, perhaps there is a link between that fact and places I visit with my own kids? Yes, it looks like that, but nothing less that smile would come into your life if you join them. Exactly why today I am writing about synchrony with your toddlers!

Synchrony with your kids

In psychology synchrony is the ability to coordinate actions and collaborate towards a common goal, and it is extremely important for child development. Even more, synchrony is heavily dependent on attachment, so the biggest responsibility is on the parents’ shoulders and primary caregivers. Can you believe that ways our parents just to treat us in infancy and toddlerhood make groundwork for all our relationships in the future – from platonic to romantic ones. Because of that professor Feldman advises parents to show their kids affectionate attention, always! That way we may be doing more good for the kids’ future than we can realize.

So, here are three unexpected and funny tips how to manage it!

Synchrony your mood with children’s

I know, the world economy is unstable, prices of real estates and colleges are growing from year to year …. more concerns about everything you can imagine and it may seem that everything would be easier if you even managed to get some sleep. But instead of sleeping toddlers are in the mood for dancing, running and discovering new things. And so this spring could be the right time to align your moods. Concerns will not disappear if you take some time for yourselves and your family, and little joy will make you feel better in their own skin. Speaking of skin …

Synchrony skin protection for you and children

I don’t know about you, but I do keep an eye on the cosmetics that my kids use. In fact, their skin is so sensitive that I have no choice. What I noticed is that I spontaneously switched to brands that they use- suited to my age and skin type. It is silly, but now, when they don’t smell like babies anymore, I do enjoy the smell of childhood all around me. Even more, buying the whole collection actually means less costs 😉

Synchrony your look with your kid’s look

Yes, this is a complete cliche, but no matter how your children are (not) look like you, who would resist against few fashion tips on how to align yourself and your child. Especially if you have a little girl. Good combination of jeans will make you feel young and will allow you to be mobile enough while the pastel colors will fix your mood. So you will be smiling a better role model for their children. For more formal occasions, it is possible to choose the perfect paired dresses that will make you seem irresistible. What is particularly important is that in this way since the early days you can affect the proper formation of healthy attitudes and a sense of community when your children.In fact, the man is not what is he wearing, but what is he wearing effect on the way others see him. Mother and daughter fashion is a funny, lovely and useful way to synchronize. Your family deserves nothing less than that!

Enjoy in the spring and growing up your toddler(s).

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