Sun allergy and kids

Three days ago my precious little girl enjoyed in swimming pool with her brothers and suddenly called me- Mom, it is it is itching me. And when I watch her closely I saw an irregular, red spots on her skin. As she is an atopic individual, we have the well-known routine in the similar situations. A quick shower and prescribed dose of antihistamine. Then we go to to the pediatrician. They told me that she has the sun allergy!

What is the sun allergy?

While the most people freely enjoy in smart and safe sunbathing, every sixth person will have the problem with it. I have already heard about it, but my information was superficial. The most common problems are at pale skin children, atopic individuals and persons with the blond and red hair. Exposure to the sun (even with the highest SPF) for them can result in a bad rash. Even more, it may occur at any time!

Sun allergy and kids

How the sun allergy looks like at children’s skin

Sun allergy may occur both as small reddish blisters or reddish spots in sun-exposed areas. In both ways, they are (badly) itching. The rash may appear after the only couple of minutes or after hours of exposure, even without similar problems before. Reddish spots or blisters mostly disappear after 2-3 days, but in some cases, the toddler will need the injection. That was our case.

How to prevent it?

If you follow the basic rules for smart and safe sunbathing, you are already doing the most things to prevent it. My advice is to look at LaRoshe Posay tips that are very helpful. Except that, try to choose healthy food and don’t skip to let toddler drinks a lot of liquid. The pure water is still the best option for the warm sunny days. So, the healthy life habits are the basic prediction, but sometimes that is not enough!

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How to treat kids’ sun allergy?

Always ask the pediatrician for the opinion! Every child and every person are different, and perhaps your skin type needs some extra care or protection. Follow the directions, avoid direct sun exposure, even before 10 AM and 5 PM. Offer toddler with as much fruit and vegetables as you can, but avoid citrus, berries, and nuts. Those days skip the fish and eggs that can aggravate allergies. If you do not get the special creams for skin use water-based skin moisturizer to the affected area, and they will cool the skin and alleviate itching. Short child’s nails as much as possible and do it daily.

Remember to look for doctor’s advice

 The pediatrician advice is necessary when the kid has any unusual skin reactions that are bothersome. Some symptoms need the specializes diagnosing and treating but mostly, sun allergy is not that serious.

Enjoy in summer and growing up with us.

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