Project Breakthrough: Why Is a Breakthrough in Online Marketing a Poor Review

A child’s arrival marks a huge turning point in our lives, in the way that we are looking at the world, and certainly changing our list of priorities. Leisure time, the time that we can dedicate to our family, watching how our children are growing up, that time becomes invaluable! In an attempt to provide the financial independence for themselves and their families, more and more young people are discovering new ways to gain Internet earnings. This is what are we talking about today — High Traffic Academy’s Project Breakthrough.Project Breakthrough


About Project Breakthrough

High Traffic Academy’s Project Breakthrough is a free online training course that will show you how to make online earnings in just 14 days.  The program includes videos with easy to follow step-by-step explanations of how to get real money online. It is of particular importance that HTA Project Breakthrough,designed by Vick Strizheus, is intended for beginners,— all of those who have no previous knowledge of how to earn money online! Moreover, Vick Strizheus is one of the main founders of High Traffic Academy and wants to help you become successful.


Refuting Criticism of Project Breakthrough


Like any other project with the possibilities of earning money on the Internet, there is a chance that it will encounter a numerous amount of comments from bloggers.  One of them ( includes giving HTA’s Project Breakthrough an unjustified bad score. The blogger Nesa is an owner of Make Real Money Online Free, and her mission is helping newcomers start their own online business. Sure, she will offer you to sign up for her #1 recommended training course. Perhaps, there might be a link between promoting Nessa’s program and her giving the negative Project Breakthrough review.

Project Breakthrough 1


Considering HTA’s Project Breakthrough is free, Nesa surprisingly points out that the Project Breakthrough provides exactly what it promises — lessons that you need to help you make online earnings. Seems a bit contradictory to some of the other statements made.

Project Breakthrough claims to be for anyone who wants to make money in as short time as possible, in just 14 days — but Nessa is under the impression that you will need some previous marketing experience. Perhaps, she feels the training was beyond her understanding. Actually, many without any online marketing experience who are when taking the program can say quite the contrary. One just needs to be careful with following the instructions step-by-step and he or she will understand how to become an Internet marketing expert. You can then apply the ideas obtained with High Traffic Academy’s Project Breakthrough for the first and every time after. 

More than that, Nesa admits that she did not expect such a high-quality product, which contains various videos within the program designed to help you start making online money.


As the fundamental problem, the reviewer highlights its price. The truth is that HTA’s Project Breakthrough is free to sign up, but you do have the option to pay to become an HTA Elite member before, during or after taking part in the program. To clarify, you do not need to become an HTA Elite member to complete the entire program; it is just for those who want to take advantage of more revenue generating opportunities. 

For me, the best recommendation is some positive reviews left by actual customers and users. I must admit that I signed up too.


Enjoy spending extra time with your child together as they grow-up!

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