How I learned our toddlers to start self-feeding


When you talk to people around us, most of them agree that our kids are very independent. One thing we do not agree about is that our kids are independent because in our family “there are a lot of children” and that in opposite situation I could not achieve anything at all.
Well, that’s just not true.
The kids in our lives did not arrive in the package, than one by one. This means that the same rules were valid for our eldest and our youngest kid. Even more, I did not use any space techniques just the faith that the wish for independence is an innate need. And yes, I try to avoid the situation that I had found irritated before I became the mother by myself. Because of that, our toddlers very early learn self-feeding!Read more: How I learned our toddlers to start self-feeding

Synchrony with your toddler! Start today!!

Synchrony with your kids

 The nice weather is (finally) arrived and filled parks and playgrounds with children. It seems to me that these days it is impossible to look around and see nothing else but families with young children. Hm, perhaps there is a link between that fact and places I visit with my own kids? Yes, it looks like that, but nothing less that smile would come into your life if you join them. Exactly why today I am writing about synchrony with your toddlers!Read more: Synchrony with your toddler! Start today!!

Project Breakthrough: Why Is a Breakthrough in Online Marketing a Poor Review

A child’s arrival marks a huge turning point in our lives, in the way that we are looking at the world, and certainly changing our list of priorities. Leisure time, the time that we can dedicate to our family, watching how our children are growing up, that time becomes invaluable! In an attempt to provide the financial independence for themselves and their families, more and more young people are discovering new ways to gain Internet earnings. This is what are we talking about today — High Traffic Academy’s Project Breakthrough.Read more: Project Breakthrough: Why Is a Breakthrough in Online Marketing a Poor Review

Pacifiers You’ll Love!!!


In recent years, the use of a pacifier has increased, although still ongoing debate about its harmful effects. While some parents are shaking their heads doubtfully, the others call for a centuries-old use, and experts believe that the advantages related to the use of pacifiers overcome its shortcomings.Read more: Pacifiers You’ll Love!!!

Having a child with learning disabilities

learning disabilities

If you notice that your child has some learning difficulties you may ask what is wrong with him. Somehow, both parents and teachers often believe that the pupil is just not intelligent enough or that (s)he is brilliant but too lazy. They are mistaken if think that a little effort could fix anything. But, it’s not that easy.When you detect that your child has a problem, the best thing you can do is to visit a specialist. But before that, you may want to read this article to the end. Here we are going to pin to out the difference between learning disabilities and learning problems. They are not the same, although the symptoms can look similar to you.Read more: Having a child with learning disabilities