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In recent years, the use of a pacifier has increased, although still ongoing debate about its harmful effects. While some parents are shaking their heads doubtfully, the others call for a centuries-old use, and experts believe that the advantages related to the use of pacifiers overcome its shortcomings.pacifier

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that the use of pacifiers significantly reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). At the same time, the link between use of pacifiers and breastfeeding length is not confirmed.
The research is based on the assumption that a pacifier is the main culprit for early cessation of breastfeeding.
And if your child stops using it before the second birthday it is less likely that he will have problems with deformation of the upper jaw.
If you are thinking to offer a pacifiers to your child or have already done so, here are three new “model” that you’ll love.

1. Thermometer Pacifiers

 Thermometer Pacifier
Do you know how inconvenient it is to measure the temperature of a baby or small child? Usually, they are so nervous and weepy and crying affect the increase in temperature. Therefore, the pacifier producers figured and made thermometer pacifier, without mercury or glass.
Looks like the “regular” silicone dummy, except it has a built thermometer. In less than a minute, read the baby’s temperature and an audible signal informs you when the measurement is completed. A distinctive feature is that in this way it is possible to measure the temperature to sleeping children without waking or harassment.

2. Munchkin the Medicator

 Munchkin the Medicator

Immediately following her is coming Munchkin the Medicator. An excellent, easy and practical solution. It has a liquid medicine dispenser, and a form of pacifier reduces the child’s ability to spit out or spilled medicine. In any case, it is much more comfortable (for baby and you) than to give the child a drug by syringe or teaspoon.

3. And finally – the delicious pacifiers

Yummy. For all parents of small gourmets and a picky eater baby, manufacturers have devised a unique solution.
 The delicious pacifier
If your baby munches and can not wait to start lunch, with this pacifier, she can eat “from her hands.” Of course, the baby should never be left with food unattended, but with delicious pacifier baby can safely suck the juice out of foods that are inserted.
At the same time, nice design and bright colors will attract children who are not particularly in the mood to eat, without interrupting the game. You can gradually introduce new tastes to their nutrition, through the game and let them get used to them at their pace.

Enjoy in growing up!

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