Kids and pets – how to manage it together?

When you watch friends photos with their kids and pets enjoying together, hugging and smiling, you may wish a pet for your own toddler. But, when you finally get one- it doesn’t look like in the picture, not at all!Kids and pets

Or, you already had loving pet before baby was there, and yes, at the beginning you may have some doubts, but pet has an important place in your heart and thinks look like getting well, but then, a baby start crawls and making the first steps.
Suddenly you have less time, less money, less sleep, and more obligations, thinks to clean and think that you need to watch kid and pet all the time.

Perhaps, you do not have problems like this. Lucky you! For the rest of us here are some easy-to-follow tips how to get alive and happy managing life with kids and pets!

How to struggle?

– First of all, remember that this is just a period, and like all other periods and this is passable! Your toddlers will fast grow up enough, so you will be able not to watch it every second.
– Did you hear that the most kids being bitten are actually toddlers? This is because (s)he likes the dogs/cats but hasn’t a real body control yet. Even the most patient pet may become angry if toddler accidentally hurts it.
So, yes, toddlers need more- carefully supervision while the pet is around.

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– Both, pets and kids like to be outdoor so that you may use. If you have a dog take them for a long walk and make that an important part of your daily routine.
– If the pet is living indoor with you, consider finding someplace just for him, somewhere far from the toddlers reach.
– Do not feed them together, ever! Do not even let the toddler near pet’s food. (S)He can try it, or the pet may become angry.
– Forbid same- room sleeping!
– Try to find time just for the pet. If it was with you before you get a parent, it might become jealous, and if its new, it will need some time to set in.
– Do not give up. Even if it seems difficult to learn the pet basic home rules, have in mind that very, very soon your kid and your pet will be more than enough to each other.
Toddlers raised with pets had many benefits- developed empathy, more confidence, it is less likely to develop allergies, and they have so much love during their growing up.
More than everything else, kids that take care of pets learn that love is not just playing and that taking care needs time and commitment, and we all want that our toddlers learn it, right?
Enjoy in growing up together!

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