Kids and Boundaries – It’s Difficult, But It’s Worth It!

All parents, including me, have so many doubts about setting healthy boundaries for their kids. If you are toddler’s parent, you may have an impression that everything your children is doing is just pushing boundaries. They just have to test as to see how far they may go.┬áSometimes, we cross our boundaries and children see it.

kids and boundaries

For me, the basic thing with boundaries is in understanding that children and me – we are not the same. So, the thing is in separation. It means that there is the line where I stopped, and where my kid is beginning. Even more, that line is OK for the both of us. Understanding that was a painful thing into my life. I just to think about them as “my children”, and it takes me time to understand (and accepted) that they are, well, theirs in fact! More that my son, or my daughter, they are separated persons. My job is to love them, take care of their wealth, help them to grow up and raise their potentials. Yes, and make that they feel safe, too.

Boundaries and Anxiety

Nowadays there are a lot “mini-democracies” looking family with children’s voice equal with parents’s. It’s no rate situation that parent sacrifices her/his own needs in a wish to make kids happy. More and more research make the connection between that kind of parent style and anxiety disorders in childhood.
Yes, for kids is crucial that parents hear their emotions and have the right answer for it, but boundary absence (known as ” too much love”) is no goog for anyone.
Parents are in charge of setting healthy boundaries and encourage children to develop self-awareness and patience.
Before you think that this is too rough, remember that the boundaries help children to feel safe!

It Is So Hard!

No one wants to see how our kids struggle in life, especially because we know that we are responsible for them. But at the end of the day, you will remember that toddlers (and kids) are made to test boundaries, and they literally grow from struggling with it!

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Enjoy in growing up together!

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