How to solve the problem of constipation in toddlers? Part one

Did you know that about 4 million people in the US suffer from the problem of constipation? Is it your toddler among them?

constipation in toddlers

constipation in toddlers

When I talk with other moms, a lot of them are complaining of their toddler’s constipation and how hard they have to fight with it.
Week by week I feel surprised with many misconceptions deeply rooted in our consciousness. As a mom, who during my growing up had wrestled with this problem I decided to share with you what I know about it – a mix of medical data and practices. Just because this is a short and practical description of the problem, causes and solutions at which you should pay attention.

What is constipation?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, any child with stools tat is large, firm, dry and accompanied by painful bowel movements, soiling between bowel movements or has blood on the outside of the stool may have constipation.
All of this you may found on their website, too

A little simpler explanation of constipation is that when is digested food moves to the intestines. In the intestines are absorbed water, and nutrients and waste material becomes a stool. Water is returned to the waste material to form soft stool while the final part of the intestine occurring muscle contractions to expel the stool.
Constipation occurs as a result of dysfunction of any part of “mechanism”. In general, the problem arises because there is no insufficient volume of stool or lack of water or slight muscle movements. How the problems often complement, it is important to remember that “the mechanism” of hard stools is the absence of the water into the intestinal contents.

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