Having a child with learning disabilities

If you notice that your child has some learning difficulties you may ask what is wrong with him. Somehow, both parents and teachers often believe that the pupil is just not intelligent enough or that (s)he is brilliant but too lazy. They are mistaken if think that a little effort could fix anything. But, it’s not that easy.When you detect that your child has a problem, the best thing you can do is to visit a specialist. But before that, you may want to read this article to the end. Here we are going to pin to out the difference between learning disabilities and learning problems. They are not the same, although the symptoms can look similar to you.
learning disabilities


Learning disabilities symptoms

During growing up, the most kids have problems with school, learning and doing homework, at some point. But children with learning disabilities have those problems constantly. Here are some of them:
– Problems with reading and writing
– Failure to understand math skills
– Memory problems
– Paying attention problems
-Trouble with following directions
– Poor coordination
– Difficulty of understanding and organizing time

Early recognition of the problem is important, but it’s not easy. The learning disabilities are coming in many variations. Some parents detect the problem during toddlerhood while other notice it when the school starts.

What is learning disabilities and what learning problems

Learning problems are caused by visual/hearing handicaps, emotional disturbance or low IQ, and they can be cured.

Learning disabilities are neurologically based kind of problem in a sense that they can’t be fixed or cured. Learning disabilities affect on person’s ability receive, process, analyze and store information.
But this is not as scary as it may sound. First of all, kids with learning disabilities are average or above average intelligent. And jet they can have problems that their peers haven’t. Again, no place for panic. With early support and professional help, child’s brain will learn to see numbers and letters on preferred mode. It will always be the difficulty, but the solvable one.
The good news is that if is treated, the disability won’t prevent the achievement of academic success.
The National Institut of Health found that one of seven pupils has some of the learning disabilities and that difficulties with reading and writing affects 80% of them.

How to help your child

It is absolutely crucial not to blame the child and try not to be ashamed. Many famous scientists such as Albert Einstein had reading problems during a lifetime.
Like any other kids, children with learning disabilities need encouraging, love and patience. They also need and working with professionals and informing about long- term strategies for dealing with problems. 

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