Avoid the most common mistakes in child’s nutrition!!!

When your baby just starts with the solid food, you try to follow all the child’s nutrition rules. Only organic is good enough, and all by the rules.

Screenshot_23 If the baby is not hungry or skip the meal, it becomes a huge problem for mom. What is wrong? Why does she refuse food, this is her favorite one? But the day, after the day, and you see that your child is generally happy and equally important, healthy children with the specific eating habits. One day you simply realized that this is perfectly fine for you. After the first birthday, your loving one become a toddler, walk alone, maybe even sleep alone, and the first words are almost here… If not earlier, you will get back to the job after the first birth cake. Some days you can be hard to believe how fast your toddler is growing. And there is the trap. Soon you will not think about your child as a baby or toddler, and you will stop to give her the specific food. The food which is perfect for you will be great for all of us. Except you, other people will have strong or stronger impact of child’s taste. I know that you do think about what is your toddler eating, and believe that the junk foods and quick snacks are not your favorite solution. But let me help you to avoid some of the most common mistakes in children’s nutrition.

Carefully with the fruit juices in child’s nutrition

The most people believe that the fruit juices are healthy, and that is the truth. Especially freshly squeezed juices for toddlers. But you need to take care how much of it is enough. Toddlers mostly prefer juice than milk, while the milk is still very important for the proper grown.

Prefer milk with the high milk fat

If your child is not obese, always use the milk with the higher milk fat. The fats are the necessary component of our body and crucial in child’s nutrition. They make us feel warmth, provide enough energy, and line the internal organs. Even more, they are necessary for the proper brain function. Children love them because the food with the fat has better and fuller taste while helping absorption of the vitamin. Just need to make the difference between good and “bad” fats and provide to a toddler the specific amount of “bad” ones. Certainly, not from the snacks or fast food, or food that is industrially processed.

Teach your toddler to enjoy eating fish

Many seriously scientific studies shown that the fish is the highly important nutrient in child’s nutrition. The most experts believe that the fish will help your child’s development because of the key nutrition such as omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA that is rare in other foods.

Keep the perfect red meat in your child’s nutrition

You may hear the opposite thinking about the red meat because its link with some of the serious adult health problems. But only in the case that the adult person consumes more than is recommended and does not have enough exercises, such as walking or using stairs. The study from the UK shows that the toddlers generally have lower iron, zinc, vitamin D and vitamin A and all of them children can get from the red meat.

Do not overdo with the eating between meals

The toddlers have small stomachs, that is the truth. But it does not mean that they have to chew constantly. At the contrary, if you skip finding the feeding routine during the previous time, please do it now. The proper feeding routine is the precondition for the healthy growing up. The interval between the meals should be at least 3 hours. After that time, offer the child with the fruit and vegetable and give your best that your toddler eats and vegetables.

The properly balanced nutrition is critical during the toddlerhood and moreover, becomes a strong base for the future healthy habits.

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Enjoy in growing up!

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